Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cargo from Macau

These past few weeks have been of intense planning and research to send our belongings to the Dominican Republic.
Being in the other side of the world and on a tight budget can reduce our options seriously. The ideal solution would be to just get a container and send everything we have at home that we want to take! This, fortunately or unfortunately, is not possible.
The option of sending cargo by volume would be the most advantageous, since cost is around 350€ per cubic meter (including documents, packaging, etc.). However, and with the previous experience with the Windvane we bought to install and it was sent from Germany, import taxes in the country of destination are surreal! Therefore, being the things that we want to send personal belongings, and all used, such taxes would make it prohibitively expensive to send them.
And on the other hand, the shipping from Asia it’s only possible to Santo Domingo, so we would still need to find a solution to clear the customs and have it transported to Luperon. I wonder how much it would be without us being in the country!
So the solution has to be to reduce the amount of things we have to mail directly to Luperon. This will cost around 250€ per 20 kilos! And believe me, 20 kilos is nothing when it comes to our belongings.
We already picked almost everything we want to send, and the first box of 20 kilos should follow soon, to see if reaches the destination before we decide to send more!
Clothes, beddings, towels, baby clothes, some kitchen utensils that we can’t find there (utensils for Asian food in particular), some equipment for the boat, small spare parts, baby books and some technical books that could not be scanned (because it would not be convenient for future reference), are some of the things we have to take.
We would appreciate some ideas to send things, if they are different from ours.
The other option would be to buy everything in Dominican Republic, but as I said earlier regarding the kitchen utensils, is not possible to find everything in the other side of the world. And certainly there are things with sentimental value for us that we would to have in our new home.
This step of sending cargo from Macau to the Dominican Republic is, so far, the most expensive of all.
Soon you will know what will be the most expensive but unavoidable...


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