Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Chantal update

Photo from The Weather Channel (
Tropical Storm Chantal continues its path towards the island of Hispaniola, Dominican Republic and Haiti…
It is expected, according to the forecast and path of the storm, which it will pass over on the west side of the island, affecting Haiti and the south of the Dominican Republic. According to the meteorologists, it’s possible that when it to comes into contact with the mountains in Hispaniola it may lose intensity and disperse, being no longer a threat to people’s life.
Looking at the photo of the projection, it appears that Luperon will be almost outside the storm cone, however, even so, are expected heavy rain and considerable wind gusts.
We hope everyone is safe. Our thoughts are with our friends in the area.
Sergey and family in Marina Tropical. Our boat angel and protector. We hope that everything all is well with you and that you are able to keep protected.
Gil McWhirther and family, Luperon long term residents, stay indoors until the storm passes.
Ray Quenville and family and team at the Britannia Pub, we hope all is well in Sosua.
People in the S/V Necesse, we do hope for the best for all of you.
And the crew of Turf to Surf, stay put in Cabarete until the storm passes... Keep safe...
Ms Lucy Brito and family, we hope you are all safe and well prepared for the storm.
Mr Aldo Erazo, in the capital Santo Domingo, we hope that you won’t be too affected by Chantal.
Mr Big Lee… keep safe near the sea…keep your staff and bar safe for us to enjoy next time!
Our thoughts these days are with all of you and your families and friends…


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