Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First storm

Image from The Weather Channel (www.weather.com)
We are still in Macau and more than six months to start our life afloat, however, we are already getting worried with what is happening on the other side of the world in terms of weather.
As you know, our sailboat Dee is in Luperon, Dominican Republic, one of the best hurricane holes in the Caribbean, sailors say!. But, according to weather data of the last days, Tropical Storm Chantal, that started in the Tropical Atlantic on Monday, around Venezuela, is in route with most of the Caribbean islands and the Dominican Republic. Despite going, if keep the same track, hit the Dominican Republic at the south side of the island, will affect Luperon after re-entering the water towards the Bahamas.
Hopefully the tail of the storm will not cause much damage in the Bay of Luperon and "Dee" will stay safe and in good condition. The next few days will of expectation.
However, as friendships with people on sea grow stronger, we can not forget the friends who are in places under the route of the storm. Hopefully they can get away without a scratch from all of this ordeal.
Britt, Scott and little Isla  from the blog Windtraveler, we hope nothing will happen to you guys and that they can continue their journey without problems...
Stay safe...


Thank you very much for your well-wishes, we were thankfully untouched by Chantal. We wish you guys and that beautiful little baby of yours the same. Thinking of you and our other friends in her path! x

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