Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just wondering

For our followers who may be wondering what happen to us this last days...
We didn't forgot the blog at all, we are just working out some issues related to the design, since we want it completely ready to run after we announce our adventure officially in mid August.
We need to decide on a design that will allow us to carry information about us, our project, our supporters, but also the blog itself and with the possibility of adding some advertising if some brands decide to support us during our trip.
For that, instead of changing the blog design on the way, we decided that would be better to have it all done before we go. Lets be fair, it easier to do it now than later when the access to internet will be an adventure itself!
We not being experts in blogging or blogging design, neither html coding, make it all more difficult and in need of help from friends. For now it's all working well, lets hope for the best and for a fast solution for our design.
If you notice any messing around with the design in our 3 language blogs we apologize for it!
Soon we will have a cleaner face and a nicer place for you to read our poor posts!
Joao and the Crew of Dee!


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