Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Looking for a boat

When we started with the idea of this trip we didn't know very well what to expect in terms of preparation. We knew we had to have a boat, so that was the priority. We had a sailboat in Macau but its size was not enough for this trip.
Elissa our 25'' in Macau
So it was here that he began the great adventure. The search started in Asia, for logistical reasons and because it would be easier to visit the boat to inspect it and see the conditions that were offered, the quality and to arrange the details of the purchase, payments, outfitting and everything else that would involve preparing the boat to get ready to begin the journey. The first we went to see was in Hong Kong, were we ended up inspecting t won the same day but none impressed us. The first one, a Ta Chiao was a valid option but its price was for us, without any financial support, hard to reach.
Valliant 40'' in Pattaya, TH
Then followed one in Thailand, which we liked but did not fit in our budget since we do not have any financial support other than our own pocket! After several internet searches, boats and photographs in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, etc. ... we had to broaden our geographic horizon and with a holiday visit to Europe, we decided to see a candidate in southern Spain which, unfortunately, and after almost 24 hours driving, also proved unsuitable due to the quantity of work needed.
At Almerimar, SP
At that time, with the option of buying the boat outside of Asia, Europe looked like the best option, since it would be possible to start the trip within the universe of the Portuguese language, from Portugal. Returned to Asia our search continued until, by chance, someone sent us information on a boat in the Dominican Republic. A little suspicious we researched and were surprised with it, having pretty much decided that this would be our boat.
Our first photo of our boat
Emails and phone calls with Skype were done during a few days. Soon after we had decided that maybe this was the boat that would be used. We signed a pre-agreement with the seller, Gil McWhirter, from Luperon Yachts and Property Sales, after the owner accepted our terms of a phased payment since we did not have sufficient capital for a total payment in cash and also because, due to the distance, we didn't want to pay the full amount without seeing the boat personally. The inspection took place without major problems and the recommendations of Ray Quenville from the SeaMonkey Marine Surveys were positive, which helped us to be more relaxed with the distance purchase. We were in November 2012, just before starting the last month of the year and just over two months of the due date for the birth of our daughter!
Part of the things removed
We had to decide what to do and how to go see the boat in Luperon, Dominican Republic. Since the baby was too small, the trip was marked only for João, a month after the birth of Maria! In February 2013, the first time we saw our boat live! Four days of travel, four of stay, which was used to see the boat, clean it inside and out, and work out details with Tropical Marina, where it continues to this day. And where the owner of the Marina, Sergey, has been tireless in letting us know everything that is going on and meet all our requests. We will be eternally grateful to our friend Sergey.


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