Thursday, July 4, 2013

New boat, new registration

And now what we should do?
In the end of 2012 we had a new sailing boat…
Several decisions had to be done.
From the name, deciding if we should keep the old or give her a new one. This has been decided, going against all the maritime traditions that says it’s bad luck to rename a boat (the ceremony will be done according to traditions and will be reported in due time), having been chosen the name Dee to honor our daughter after she was born. For the new registration record, that had to be done once the bill of sale was signed and the ownership title given to us. Since we live in Macau and even after all refusals of support from both private and government sectors, we wanted, somehow, to carry the name of this territory in our adventure, so we'd decided to try register the boat with Macau flag to be the first to go around the world. The first contacts made with the Macau Port Authority made us realize that this wouldn't happen. The lack of support that we had by the Macau government earlier was reflected also in the inflexible position of local maritime authorities who refused to register the boat without it being in Macau, and even if we managed to bring it here, the number of documents required was so surreal that we could never proceed with the registration. I still do not know how I would get the construction plans, required by the Port Authority for the registration, if the builder doesn't even exist anymore! To our disappointment at the lack of support for a project which aimed to take the name of Macau and promote its ties with the Portuguese-speaking countries, immediately we put aside the idea and started to look for other options to register the boat. The next choice, of course, would be a Portuguese speaking country, in this case we decided to try the offshore registration at Madeira Island, more accessible to people living outside of Portugal. After a few days of the first contact we also realized that would not be for us! The price requested was so exorbitant that we wouldn't have way to pay it. Moving on, after the advice of a friend, we started to search for the offshore registrations in the United States of America, having chosen Delaware. So Dee was registered in Delaware under the number DL1496AJ and will continue with American flag! I like the simplicity of the administration red tape in the land of Uncle Sam...


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