Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quest pirates convicted

You probably still remember the case of the S/V Quest and its crew who was murdered by a group of Somali pirates. It happened in 2011 in the Gulf of Oman, when a pirate group approached the american sailboat and kidnapped its crew. The details of what happened after still unclear but it is believed that the crew was eventually killed due to disputes between various groups of pirates who fought to see who would take the boat to Somalia and request the ransom.
Finally, after all these years, a group of three pirates was brought to justice and may even be sentenced to death in the United States.
This may be end for the horrible crime that was the murder of Jean and Scott Adam, owners of the S/V Quest, and their friends Bob Riggle and Phyllis Macay, while in 2011 the U.S. Navy tried to negotiate their release with the pirates on high sea ​​off Somalia.
The sailboat was coming from the Gulf of Oman and en route to Djibouti for supplies when it was intercepted by pirates.
You can read more here... In English…in Portuguese
The story in 2011 can be read here in English… In Portuguese


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