Thursday, September 19, 2013

Article in MDT

It's amazing the attention that our project is getting from the media every where. From the TV's in Portugal and magazines, to the newspapers in Macau and even national news agencies and also magazines in Thailand. We must confess that is more than what we expected.
We, humble expected more feedback from institutions and companies interested in supporting us in exchange of some exposure or just because they may thought that our idea would be worth to support. For long we believe we were wrong because no support was found from the official institutions in Macau or any other country, however, with the attention we get from the media, we start believing that even if we don't get any support to make it a reality, we will keep pushing to make it happen with our own means because it seems that, after all, it's a valuable project even if the officials don't give us the necessary support. Promoting the Portuguese Language culture and the ties between all the countries and territories, and at the same time bringing the name of Macau around the world, seems to us a plan worth to pursue. The coverage from the Media is here to prove it.
Read the last article published in English in Macau Daily Times.


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