Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Help find Nina - PETITION

The case of the missing schooner Nina been around for quite a while since they disappeared in the sea between New Zealand and Australia with a crew of eight on board.
The crew of seven American and one British: Captain David Dyche, 58; his wife, Rosemary, 60; and their son David, 17. Their friend Evi Nemeth, 73; a man aged 28; a woman aged 18, and British Matthew Wootton, aged 35.

The 85-year-old schooner Nina left Opua on New Zealand's North Island on 29 May and the last communications were heard on the 3rd and 4th of June, reporting that conditions were rough at sea.
Extensive search was done by authorities in Australia since the 28th of June, however, nothing was found and they stop searching assuming the worst.
However, family members of the crew believe that they are still out there and want to resume searches, privately, and been doing efforts to be able to start. However, several bureaucratic obstacles been making it impossible.
Now there's the possibility of the United States Coast Guard to use their special drift searching models to try to find the boat and the crew.
To persuade the United States Secretary of State was started a petition that aims to gather enough public momentum to make it a reality.

If you want to sign that petition follow this link:

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