Thursday, September 26, 2013

TDM interview

The message of our adventure is being spread by the Media.

Everywhere, newspapers, magazines and tv's being echoing what we been doing and our plans. The voyage to celebrate the 500 years of the sea route to Asia, the wish to promote the Lusophony and Macau...
Recently we saw that Sapo Timor Leste published the article made by Lusa News Agency.
Soon will be published also an interview in the Notícias Magazine in Portugal, as well as a interview with a Chinese newspaper.
More recently, on the 21st of September, the Portuguese language channel of TDM, broadcast an interview with the crew of S/V Dee.
Família-de-Macau-Prepara-Viagem-de-Circumnavegação from Sailing Dee on Vimeo.

And here now you can see the English news broadcast aired on the same day.

TDM News from Sailing Dee on Vimeo.


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