Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's all about destiny

Life is a journey!
When I was a University student, I didn't plan much of my life after graduation, what I would like to be or what kind of work I would love to do.
I tried to be a trainee in a famous hotel and a domestic travel agency but it didn't work out because I didn’t enjoy the nature of the job.
My major is in French language and minor in English, so was not too difficult to find a job and, actually, at that time, one of my professors invited me to work with her a research project, so I didn’t had to struggled to find a job.
Most of my friends who couldn't find a job before graduation or did not want to work right away after it usually continued to their Master studies either in Thailand or abroad.

One day, during the last semester, one of my close friends who likes to go and check her fortune at the fortune teller, asked me to go with her to the fortune teller near the university. It's similar to the western style palm readers.
My University is located near one of the major tourist attractions in Bangkok, The Grand Palace, where there’s celebrations and fairs all year round.
Personally I don't believe in fortune tellers because who will know my life better than me, however, since my friend insisted I went along.
When the fortune teller started to tell my friend about her life, her family problems or even what kind of illness her father had without my friend giving any sign of accurate information, I started to become curious about how the guy knew so well about my friend’s life and decided to give it a try also!
When was my turn, she told me that the boyfriend (or man) I date at that time was not my soul mate and that my real soul mate was far away. Of course I didn’t believed and didn’t took her word seriously. Then, when she hold my hand and checked my palm told me that I would travel a lot. “A lot like I won't be able to stop”! Curious, I asked her if the travel would be in the form of leisure, study, work or for what purpose. She didn’t made it clear, just said that lines in my palm only show that I will be a traveler.
It made me laugh and even fell amused just thinking on how could I afford to travel at all time?
After that day I didn't thought about it anymore and kept living my life normally.

After some years I went to work to an architectural company belonging to a group that also has a design magazine. The same friend who dragged me to the palm reader years before also worked there, together with some other friends from the years of University.
After a while all of them were sent to Hong Kong to attend a design fair for one week. I took the opportunity, since our university group never traveled together, and applied for my leave. It was my first time flying out of the country and travel alone to meet my friends, who were already in Hong Kong.
Was not easy for me to understand the airport announcements in English, with a “foreigner” accent! My flight was delayed, my hotel “limousine” didn't wait for me and I didn't know how to dial a international call!
Our wedding reception in Thailand, both in traditional Thai wedding dress
In this first time travelling I met the man who would become my husband. He helped me to deal with all my problems, since he was used to deal with the Chinese way of working. Since then we kept a long distance relationship, travelling to meet each other whenever we have time and money, then we decided to get married and to live together.
I have to say that I use to stress I didn’t like Westerns but I end up married with one. From single travelers to partners travelling, moving to live in a foreign country, work abroad and finally to plan "Sail Around The World".
You hold the helm to control the direction and I look forward to guide it. That's a couple life!
When I look back, I couldn't believe that I came so far away and keep going even further.
My destiny path is already written but still unknown. Even I want to change my destiny, to fight for what I want, to build all I need and to choose whose I want to meet, I now believe we can't change anything.
Everything has a reason to start and to finish itself.

What you can do is do good deeds to gather merit until the day you will receive back all the good results of what you have done, what we call "Karma".
A trip is always good if we have a good companions


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