Friday, October 4, 2013

Nice to meet you!

This article is dedicated to “Aqua Biz Magazine” from “Chaba Ngen” publisher. It’s a monthly magazine emphasizing on water economic activities, animals, business critics, business plans, aqua culture and academic research projects. They have numerous feature articles with information related to water activities, however, Aqua Biz Magazine also try to reach other markets publishing interesting articles about other topics but always trying to maintain a link to water, rare aquatic animals or exquisite fishes are usually topics of the magazine also. At the moment they make 30,000 prints monthly, covering the whole market area in Thailand. The same content of the magazine is also available as e-Magazine for Android and iOS operating systems for people who prefer to read electronic versions.
How did we meet? They humble call themselves a small publisher. When we made the final decision to start the “Sail Around the World Trip” I started thinking what I could do to be useful and, at the same time, share this amazing experience with all Thai people.

Like we explain in our project plan, we will be visiting all countries where Portuguese is official language to support Portuguese culture and language and to celebrate the 500 years of the discovery of the sea route from Europe to Asia. But this only covers the other half of the family! How about me, Thai citizen, what can I do for Thai people and culture? I hope Thai people can follow and take notice of our project because not many Thais have the chance to live this kind of experience.

With this in mind I started contacting Thai organizations, both in the government and private sector, to either officially recognize or event or to be a sponsor to our project. Unfortunately, all the attempts end up in rejection. It came as a surprise to me because the relations between Thailand and Portugal go back more than 500 years. The Portuguese were the first westerns to arrive in Siam, however, this didn’t yield any interest from the Thai Government or private Thai companies. We even tried to play the card of stopping in Phuket, where all the Government “propaganda” tries to sell the touristic attraction of the Sino-Portuguese culture and architecture presence, however, even that didn’t work!

After many attempts to contact magazines and other media, we found “Aqua Biz Magazine”. They were the first and only Thai magazine that paid attention and shown interest in the value of “Sail Around the World Trip” project since the early beginning.

We are delighted and honored to be part of this small group of people as they call themselves. I never had shrimp farm nor any aqua related pet! I’m not specialized in water subjects or topics, however, I will try to tell our first hand experience about the environment, ways of living of the local people that we will have the opportunity to meet during our journey in the pages of Aqua Biz Magazine. It will be a pleasure to work closely with a team of people who can see that living in a boat in the ocean, from morning to night, is an invaluable opportunity.

Thank you and nice to meet you too team of “Aqua Biz Magazine”, welcome on board!
The Day we met, Nice to meet you too!


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