Monday, November 25, 2013

Is it destiny?

These last few weeks NaE has been more active on the blog, publishing several articles on various aspects of the preparation of our adventure and her experience and points of view. Of course, the fact that I have been away does not mean that I didn't’t do anything. We cannot forget that, along with all the preparation to this new stage of our life, we also have professional obligations that still occupy most of the day. In NaE’s case, she stopped her day job already, but doesn't mean she has a lot of free time. In fact, I believe she's busier now than ever!
Personally, I've been busier with office related stuff because I'm entering the last month before my unpaid leave, which will start on the 1st of January next year. A lot has to be prepared and the final details have to be carefully done.
Here on our blog you may have noticed some changes, particularly in the body of the text that now includes the name of the person who wrote it. So it becomes clearer who was behind the keyboard and wrote the original words. Sometimes became hard to know if it was me or if it was the NAE, making the message in the text difficult to perceive.
In the same line of the thinking of NaE’s article about destiny and about what she heard from the Thai fortune teller many years ago, I want to reveal something that few know. In one of my first visits to Thailand, I think still in the past century, I also had a similar reading made!
Not being very superstitious, at the time I did not pay too much attention and though on it as a joke, however I recall the fortune teller telling me that I could only be happy near the water. Well, after all I was born near the water, my hometown Mira has beach! After all I was living in Macau and near the water. And finally, I loved the sea and everything that was related to water! Now, after all these years and with our decision to change our lifestyle to be afloat, I begin to believe in what I have heard so many years ago.

Is it true? It’s time to start believing in the old Spanish saying “Yo no creo en brujas, pero que las hay, las hay…" (“I don’t believe in witches, but that they are real, they are…”)


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