Tuesday, December 10, 2013

10 reasons why we should travel

When we talk about travel, I believe 99% of the people have their own dream destinations. I also have one.
My dream is to visit Austria and Germany to attend live philharmonic concerts. I love classical music, it makes me feel more alive even if I don’t understand the musical notes. I just enjoy it. 
My dream places and activity seems so far from our “Sail Around The World” trip, however, our trip will also offer me grateful opportunities like I have never imagined. And I believe that some of our destinations with our sailing “Dee” maybe will became some of your dream places!

We all like to travel. It’s an activity most of us do in life. We travel for leisure, work, study, shopping, and religion or any other purposes. For us, who work with all our strength to earn money to buy everything we want, to have a comfortable life, to have the same things that other people around us have, holidays are important.
Tell me when was the last time you had holiday without alarm clock, computer, or without checking emails or even without a watch? I can’t recall one single holiday that I was completely off the grid! Our life has more important things than working or money. Health, relationships and experiences are also very significant.

10 reasons why we should travel - just my personal point of view.
Some of you may totally agree, out of 100, there may be one who disagrees.

1. To enjoy different places
2. To know new people
3. To know how amazing our world is
4. To change our daily life routine
5. To spend quality time with your family or our loved ones
6. To experience new things
7. To learn different cultures and be aware of its importance
8. To overcome hardships together and improve couple life
9. To give ourselves a different opportunity
10. To spend our hardworking money while we still can

Now, it’s your turn to choose the day and book the ticket to the destination of your next holiday!

Waterfalls in Siquijor, The Philippines 
A hotel in Boracay
Enjoying local food
Beach front walking street in Marbella, Spain
Learning marine route history in Malacca, Malaysia
Learning local culture, "Wai", Thai Culture
Top view from Sintra in Portugal, inscribed on the World Heritage list from UNESCO
Eating your favorite food, Pastéis de Belém in Portugal
Marina in Almeria, Spain
25th of April Bridge in Lisbon, Portugal
Skiing, couple activity in Korea
Enjoying time with good friends
Couple quality time, somewhere unknown in Bangkok
Dream in the Fantasy World, Hong Kong Disney Land
The place where the foreign history between Siam and Portugal start, Ayutthaya Thailand
Enjoy the nature!


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