Monday, December 16, 2013

500 years forgotten

The Portuguese arrived in China 500 years ago
A few days ago in Macau was organized a tribute to Jorge Alvares, the first Portuguese to reach the South China Sea. Jorge Alvares, born Freixo de Espada à Cinta, Portugal, arrive in the waters of the South China Sea in 1513, stepping on land in the island of Lin Tin, at the mouth of the Pearl River, midway between Macau and Guangzhou.
This event, initiative of a group of anonymous Portuguese residents in Macau, which didn't had any official representation of any government, be it the Portuguese, Chinese or the local Macau Government. Unfortunately that's how the 500 years of contacts between Portuguese and Chinese are respected by the governments.
This initiative, which also had little coverage in the local Media, honored an important event that deserved better consideration by the government of Macau, China and Portugal.
We had been present, as it should be, since our trip also addresses the same ephemerid.
Jorge Álvares was the first European to reach China by sea.


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