Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Words that give us corage

From time to time we received messages of support from those who follow our adventure. They are all appreciated because they give us encouragement and courage to face all obstacles that appear daily.
I decided to publish this one because of its relevance, and only after contacting its author and get his permission.
To all who will give us the courage to continue, our thanks. To the others, our apologies for continuing to insist, but we consider that our ancestors must be celebrated...
Dearest Dee's crew,
Captain Gomes,

You will navigate the seas that were once the reason that we are, here, today in the present Macao as a special region of China, but especially special for the rest of the world (for good and bad reasons). It doesn’t matter if it was Portugal, or if the Portuguese were the workers of this endeavor, it was a universal language that is not own by a single country, but a community who speak it - the Portuguese.
There is a mortal sin, convenient to a few leaders, to reduce the Portuguese language to be “Portuguese”, is such a way that even here in Timor-Leste we feel it. Such hate for everything that concerns Portugal. And that’s nasty, petty way, outrage is the right word to describe such practice by denying everything that indicates the materialization of the ties that connect people through the Portuguese language – I mean groups, associations, etc...
There (Macau - China), most idolize Mandarin (some of course) to please Peking (Beijing), but in their veins runs Cantonese and Portuguese blood - the latter they say to "respect" and others to "love" but all prefer to ignore, even mistreat, keeping the language as a special interest group, a clique, tight closed, pseudo intellectuals of Macanese/Portuguese origin (the ones in the limbo... between one and the other after the handover to China). Mastering the Portuguese language, after all, gives to some, like those many times mentioned by Joao Gomes, Portugal's proximity as a country, and a escape route if something goes wrong, and there is not only in language, but a country, Portugal, a good safe haven. Holy hypocrisy!
I emphasize:
At first sight not supporting the project "Sailing Dee" is disappointing and extremely humiliating to the community of Portuguese speakers, but not only. It is insulting to the history of the World, in whatever language it is. Facts are facts and the rest is grudgingly envy and persecutory attitude towards everything else that involves the sailing vessel Dee. And please don’t say that is the Chinese Central Government that is refusing the project Sailing Dee, the project itself it’s meaningless to reach the "Gods of Olympus", only reach the most "wise" decision makers of that success that is the social purging of gambling... Macau is that big success of the human failure, that in their ignorance "hunt" for the others on a dazzle web of an easy life through a jackpot in any artificiality that Macau has to offer - but the reflection that arises from this is misery, frustration of the hunted.
Macau, the today’s reality is the mirror of what Portugal erected in their saga of enrichment of his protégés during their time, in positions of greater or lesser prominence, political and adjacent groups until 1999 and that China used intelligently - after all, gambling addiction, this bad thing, was the work of Portugal, through language, Portuguese. Imagine what would be the "triads", the two that we all know well, if that ‘cover' was not the best that we would arrange with the connivance of those who managed the "árvore das patacas" (money tree), in the language of Camões apparently were and continue to be "coins of gold ."
I conclude:

With the joy of being able to distance myself, Sailing Dee, from the origin of these suffered "economic success", that resulted in a Macanese astronomical GDP, but which is derived from suffering and exploitation of the greedy ignorance of the human players, some more forced then others.
The story of Sailing Dee is more than the expression of goodwill of "a" or "b", Macau, China, Portugal, or others.
The Sailing Dee project is a project of life, which itself leads to the world of the diversity of human beings and proof that the same mobility, it’s fundamentally a project built in love of two or three persons from and a canine “person”, which in turn binds cultures and continents and ensure, though its descendants that same bond.
The Sailing Dee speaks of diversity, unity, equality, true love. At all levels, the Sailing Dee are the family in all its details, Noel is a lesson you give to the world for the love of animals. It’s this attitude, these gestures, which I believe.
Not worth talking more about Macau. The Sailing Dee is above all this, sail on behalf of the family, and their thoughts that carry the simplicity of the universal word of those who one day discovered worlds and found new routes - not of innocence, but of expansion of selfishness, envy, consumerism... nothing was innocent, the world existed, and a few others were here and there, on the road to gain more economic power through new consumer products, robbing people of their belongings, in other cases giving them more knowledge, but never stopping the robbing of the luxuries that each region, every culture, had.
The Discoveries were no more than a friendly way to seek the subjugation of others by another. I know that my vision is critical, I take it, is connected to our present through our history, even though this is not supported with written history from the humanism of the time... where people died of hunger in every street of the walled cities. It was the era of the "go and tell other people we are the word of salvation and, if they not accept freely, do it by force...".
I conclude:
Back to Sailing Dee, wishing that your travel are for the reason of human existence - the freedom, love, respect for others and an example of doing good.

Regards to all and safe winds for your journey, that they always blow in the direction you wish and blessed by Aeolus .

Antonio Veladas

To exemplify this lack of official support mentioned in the message sent, I post the image of the letter from the Macau Government Tourist Office, denying the support.


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