Monday, January 27, 2014

What we been doing

Dear friends
We apologize for being away for so long, however, as you may know, we are already in the Dominican Republic since middle January. Although, since we arrived, we didn't had time for nothing, not even to prepare this small post. All the time available had been dedicated to work on the boat, taking care of our baby and dog and to adapt to this new style of life.
In the boatyard everything is normal, although we are spending much more money than what we had anticipated and the budget is running tight now.
The boat should be launched any time this coming week and as soon as we have our windave installed and the new antifouling applied.
The past days were spent installing new batteries (2 for engine 4 for house, all deep cicle and marine). Making small wood repairing, cleaning inside and apply wood protector in all surfaces before starting moving in some clothes. Installing a new 40psi shower pump and new floating bilge switches. And, completely out of our planned budget, fixing the bimini and dodger which had the vinyl all damaged. The boat has a full enclosure cover, however we decided only to fix the front and 1/3 of the sides, leaving the remaining that we won't use often, without being fixed.
For now we still live in a rented room and use a rented car. This until end of the month, when we suppose to move onboard without delays.
Until then still need to find a suitable dinghy within our budget. Without it we can be leaving the peer...
Keep you posted...


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