Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Valentines

Gomes family on "Dee" 

It’s been a while since I wrote the last time, I think since I left Macau. The main problem it’s not the lack of inspiration or laziness but, can you imagine, we are so busy that we didn’t even go to visit any places in Dominican Republic and we are here for one month already! Every morning we woke up around 7 then, if we have power from the marina, we are lucky to have breakfast! Ah, I need to explain that in our boat now we can’t cook if we don’t have shore power from the marina because our stove is electric and we wait for the mechanic to fix it since we arrived, and we’re still waiting. Our new batteries even had to be changed because they died, our dinghy has no engine because we still wait for the person who took care of our boat when it was on land to give it to us but he is too busy with his own company. By the way, the marina where we stay they call it “yatch club” but we can’t go out by land, need a car, has power only few hours per day but, at least, have water running all day. So imagine we are stuck here in the middle of the islands with no way to go and some times even with no food to eat.
It’s not pleasant what we have to deal with, add to it a “green” neighbour complaining that our engine makes smoke that goes to their huge yatch at day time when we try to charge up our batteries!
Many times I feel desperated with what’s happenig but I can’t do anything, nothing I can do! It’s not like in Asia where we can find a mechanic to fix one thing and, if he doesn’t do the work well, we can try to find another one. That’s why they call it here working “Dominican Style”! How is it? If you have an appointment with Dominican people you will be lucky if they show up in the same day! And that’s Dominican style and no one get’s upset!
Many times I argue with Joao about this even knowing that he tries his best to solve everything and sort out the problem one by one. However, to adapt myself and to get used to this kind of lifestyle it’s already a hardship, and I still have to accept and understand what is happening. But, what can I do?
I always tell Joao that I do this because of him. This project was always his dream and I support him. It was not my dream and he tells me all the time that if I didn’t like it I could say no since the beginning. I don’t even know what I want for myself! I don’t know if this is what I want, however, we are a family and I can’t just leave him to go alone. Being a couple already says it all, we are two not one. I know I can always say no and go back to my cozy life anytime but what, if I do that, what is the point of being a couple? And, if we can’t support and encourage each other, what kind of husband and wife we are?
Today is Valentines’s Day, we didn’t even had a fancy day or dinner. The whole day we spent it driving and going around in another city to find spare parts and essencial things for our sail boat. How about dinner? We are so busy with our shopping list, talking with mechanics, checking their work and taking care of Maria that we really don’t have time. We end up eating can food with plain rice! What a life!
It doesn’t matter if today is the lover’s day, for me my family is the most important thing. Joao, Noel and Maria and me, we’re the Gomes family and to be a family I wish I can see all of us having a good and happy time together. I love them everyday!

Happy Valentines’s Day!


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