Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The situation is finally better

Since we moved to a new dock (private from a Portuguese friend), the problems are being solved one by one and, by now, all the systems are working and we are ready to go for a sea trial. Just waiting for the proper day and opportunity since we want to go with someone who knows this area onboard, for that we need to coordinate with that captain. For safety reasons, since we never left this harbor, we decided that the sea trial will be done with him on board, and if possible, he will be sailing with us until we leave Dominican Republic after we leave Luperon.
We want, first of all, to say thank you to all of you concerned with us and with our safety and personal wellbeing. We are ok and managing it within our capabilities. We aren't taking any risks or putting safety in jeopardy, that’s for sure. The financial situation it’s a concern but not a threat!
As for S/V Dee, the engine is ok, sails are ok, roller furling is ok, batteries are ok, charger is working, solar panel and controller are doing their work. So, from here, we are pretty much ready to sail…
All the other minor stuff can be done in the next days and is not essential for the boat safety. We are talking about the power generator, which we only need to be able to cook (our stove is electric), but we also have a gas stove now! We also need the power generator for the aircon but we don’t need the aircon (if someone interested in buying one we sell it because its taking up space!).
The past days were filled with replacing pipes and hoses all over the boat since we had to do something! And replacing them sounded like a good idea… We also got busy with the heads… replacing all the gaskets and washers… a dirty work but someone had to do it!
In terms of electronics everything is working but we don’t have our chartplotter (the one that was given to us was a wrong model…) but that should be rectified in the coming days. And the same applies to the dinghy outboard! But, at least, we can’t say we don’t have any anymore!
The next “thing” in the todo list is the water maker. I tested it and it’s working but since the water in the bay is of very bad quality, the system don’t let me use it, forcing me to wait until we reach cleaner waters to see what chemicals need to be changed. However, the good news is that the whole thing is working and doesn't have any leaking…
As for our route out of here, we decided to sail towards Puerto Rico and then follow the Caribbean string of islands on the Caribbean sea side until we reach ABC (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao), from there to Venezuela, Colombia and Panama…
We still feel down because of the lack of interest from all the Portuguese speaking countries, and specially because of the complete lack of support from Macau, but the fact that many people reach to us with messages and with kind words, give us strength to bring this adventure forward. Small steps each time since we aren't in a race and with safety always in mind.

Thank you all


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