Thursday, May 8, 2014

On the way to Puerto Rico

Finally the day arrived! It was six in the afternoon when we released the cables from our Portugugese friend private pontoon. A quarter past six we were already stuck in shallow mud! The low tide betraid us e kept us for almost one hour. After we were able to maneuver the boat out of the mud we headed to the exterior anchorage of Luperon bay where we should wait for the time to leave. Around 10 pm we raised anchor and followed our route under motor to Rio San Juan, arriving there at 11 am to rest and recover from the first night sailing and the three months of forced staying in Luperon to prepare the boat. It was 54 hard nautical miles with two meter waves and head winds all night always around 20 knots. The result of this was the windvane destroyed even before we had the chance to use it! The main bolts didn’t hold all the stress and in the middle of the night scared the short crew with a big bang. Fortunatly the remaining sctructure holded until the anchorage and we were able to put it aboard with the help of other boat making the trip with us.
The first evaluation of the sailing experience with the new boat, although the bad weather, was good. The fact of not having the autopilot working force us to be always on the helm and now, without windvane, we will face the sea passage to Puerto Rico on the helm 24 hours a day. Lets hope everything goes according to plan.
The next leg, from Rio San Juan, should bring us to Puerto Escondido, the place to wait for the night to cross the Cabo Samaná, the probable resting place before the crossing of the Mona Passage to Puerto Rico where we would be able to fix many of the things that are not working in the boat if the budget allow.


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