Friday, August 22, 2014

First party on s/v Dee

It’s João’s second birthday since we have a new family member to celebrate but it’s the first celebration on s/v Dee. 

This year we don’t have to reserve any fine dining restaurant for the birthday dinner and no expensive gift but “the real happiness is at home”.

As we grow old together… I wish João all the best, the same I do every year. For the love of my life, my better half, my best friend, my husband, the father of our daughter and the captain of s/v Dee.

“Parabéns para você
Nesta data querida
Muitas felicidades
Muitos anos de vida!
Hoje é dia de festa 
Cantam as nossas almas 
Para o menino João uma salva de palmas"

The meaning of the Portuguese birthday song in English is more or less like this...

“Happy Birthday to you
In this meaningful day
Lots of happiness
Many years of life
Today is a special day
Let our souls sing
To little João let’s join your hands and clap”

As we are a Thai-Portuguese family, we try to understand our cultures, a never ending process. One of the Portuguese traditions for birthdays is for the birthday person to makes a wish before blowing the candles. After that the person has to bite one of the candles from the cake. Portuguese people believe that by doing so their wish will become true. I did that too on my own birthday but if you want to do it, be careful not to bite too hard otherwise you will end up with some wax in your mouth! Moreover, for Portuguese is considered bad luck if you celebrate, party or give gifts before the day which, not for Thai people who may celebrate or send their wishes before the birth date.

For Thais, we try to avoid giving some item as birthday gifts, for example perfumes because we believe  that the smell will disappear the same way your relationship will not be strong, or giving sharp items because it can cut your relationship too. These are for all kind of relationships not only husband and wife. Chinese, for example also, don’t give shoes! During the Valentine’s Day I got a pair of sneakers for João’s gift and my colleague said that you may be splitting apart, like the shoes because they are wear in different feet! 

Another difference in our cultures is that Thais don’t like to open the gifts in front of the giver, it is seen as impolite, so don’t be sad if you give a gift to a Thai person and he/she says it will open it later at home. For Chinese, try to avoid wrapping the gift with white color papers because it’s the color of mourning death and funeral. Chinese love red and gold colors because it means good luck and prosperity. All above are just some examples and it doesn’t mean that all Portuguese, Thai or Chinese believe in it. Like me, Thai, I can’t wait to open all my gifts at home! It doesn’t mean I’m rude, I’m just too curious…

Parabéns, Suk San Wan Keut (สุขสันต์วันเกิด)….Happy Birthday!

Our family dinner on s/v Dee
Father and daughter, lunch on s/v Dee
Birthday lunch, Tom Yum Kung and fried rice as the birthday man requested
Being sweet in the afternoon when baby sleeps
Birthday cake made by me, Fios de ovos Portuguese sweet
Making a wish


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