Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Caribbean Second Birthday!

Times flies.... and it never turns back

I still remember her new born face and in a blink of an eye Maria Dee just turned two! Her second year was completely spent on our sailing boat. We are lucky to be with her 24 hours, seven days a week or we can say always because we never go anywhere alone. Nothing to regret! It's a privilege to be able to be always with her and my family. 

She is a healthy girl.
We keep monthly tracking of her weight, height and size of the head. She is growing quite well. She has supplemented vitamins and medicine when needed. She never got seriously sick, only had heat rash one time and after that we just wear her less cloths. However, our parents always complain to us that we don't put her cloths! She followed the vaccination program from Macau but had to finish it already abroad and that made us find out that vaccines for kids in the Dominican Republic are free even if you are foreigner. However, in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands, we have to pay a small fortune just for the last vaccine of her program!
15 Months Vaccination in Dominican Republic
Vaccine day in St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands
Some people say she won't have friends.
Every ports we stop Maria Dee always makes new friends. Some we have to say goodbye but some we still keep in touch even we sail our way. They talk the same language, they play the same things and they learn from each others. Maria Dee learned to walk from her first friend in the Dominican Republic who was few months ahead of her age. She learned to say her friend's name “Maya”, the daughter of our friends from S/V Fata Morgana, who is now a teenager. She learned be gentle with a little baby, a eight months old daughter of our boat friend S/V Panthera, to whom Maria donated most of her small baby cloths and toys too! But sure, she knows how to share and that's the main purpose of having friends, to share what we have.
Maria Dee's first friend (Jennifer) with who she learn how to walk in the Dominican Republic
With Maya who is the first friend Maria Dee could pronounce the name
With a 8 months old baby girl, daughter of our friend from s/v Panthera
Learn to share with tourist kid in St.Lucia's beach
Some say she needs nursery to learn.
What can replace full time with her parents? We know what we feed her, what to teach her, how to talk and punish her. She read books, we read her every day, she sings, dances, and listens to the music under our supervision. She have exercise every morning. At 2 years old she already know how to kick the legs in the water and very soon she will be swimming like a fish. When is time to have a nap, she has it. She see the birds in the sky every day, sees the fishes and the turtles in the sea swimming passing by her boat, plays with the cat with local people, sees chickens, horses, cows and goats in the fields. Finds shells and starfish in the beach. And have Noel, our French Bulldog, as her nanny and bodyguard. Can a day at the nursery replace that?
Learn to make spaghetti at 14 months
Learn to help her mother
Daily morning exercise
With "Ginger", a St. Lucian cat
Knowing the sound of music
Some say that it's dangerous to her.
Even we spend all the time with her we realize that accidents happens in just one second so we try to avoid and prevent it. She has life vest to wear when we are sailing, floaters for the beach, basic medications and spare foods in case we can not cook for her. Our sailboat has safety net all around to prevent her from falling, and also Noel! Even though, we try to keep an eye on her and know where she is all the time. We always stress to her that she can play by herself but needs to be always on our sight. Her bed has leecloth to keep her from falling when she moves while sleeping or if the sea is rought. She's never alone when we sail and always sleeps with one of us while underway.
Noel won't ever leave her alone
Playing but always on our sight
Some say she is too small to remember the trip.
It's not a big deal for us! The most important thing is we all can spend time together and share the memories and experiences. We want her to grow up healthy and with a good moral base. When she grows up, we can show her pictures of her holding fish catch by her father, her photos on the helm or holding the portable short wave radio or holding the tiller of the outboard engine of our dinghy pretending to be in charge.
In charge of the auto-pilot
Her expensive toy
Helping to pull the chain in the dinghy dock
Learning to use the binoculars 
Just checking how long the measuring tape is
Some say she looks happy.
Absolutely yes! She is the happiest girl in the world. She is very easy. Again, she eats well, sleeps well, and never gets sick. So What you think?
14 months at La Isabella 
1 and half year old, first time eating junk food in St. Maarten
What was her birthday gift?
Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we don't have money to spoil her with toys. Her mother tried hard to make her a dress which she needs because she's growing fast. We had balloons and soap bubbles on her Birthday because that's what Maria Dee is crazy about! Ok, we also spoiled her giving her coca-cola! But only on her birthday. After all, we all deserve to be spoiled!
A Birthday dress made by her mother
Birthday balloons
After blowing the candles on Maria Dee's second birthday!


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