Wednesday, January 21, 2015

S/V's our cozy home!

It is now one year that we live full-time aboard s/v Dee. We call it our home where happiness and toughness moments happen. If you ask me to compare with our city house in Macau... nothing can compare. It's different! Our house, we bought it together after we got married, and is also comfortable and gave us lots of memories, there was everything for comfort and gave us convenience unlike our floating home! But this is a tiny home full of love and shared memories.

Now we are happy to invite you to be a guest of our small comfy floating home... s/v Dee

Thailand-Portugal flags
Our boat name "Dee" and "ดี" in Thai means "Good".
It's Maria second name
s/v Dee at the anchorage in Dominica
Sunset in USVI with our French Bulldog crew
Comparing the size with huge cruising ship we are small
Sunset at the anchorage in St. Lucia
Floating house
Our AB 11ft dinghy with coconut guy and his dog in St. Lucia
Keep sailing 
Smallest crew having afternoon nap while sailing
Tight up outboard engine while sailing
s/v Dee welcomes you
Living space = messy space
Kitchen, and NaE's territory
Where we make our bellies full
No more breaking and rolling while sailing
Stock some refreshments 
Captain's space
Corridor where we hang our hat collection
Toilet seat made in Thailand
Another toilet with two sisters
Shower room
Queen size bed
Second room and it's owner
The Body Guard, Noel the French Bulldog
Complete s/v Dee crew, Gomes family


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