Monday, February 2, 2015

More articles in Chinese

From times to times we receive PDF's from our publisher in China which we try to share with our friends and followers who read Chinese.
It's with great pride that we mention the fact that a Chinese magazine (from Mainland China and not from abroad) is publishing our articles and giving our adventure exposure in the Chinese market. It's just the biggest reading market in the world! And the biggest growing market for sailing and yachting in the world (followed closely by India!).

The latest article was published in December and can be seen here
Yacht Magazine Dec2014

For the following issues of February and April they also prepared material to be published in advance because Chinese New Year is approaching and with it most of the activity in China stops!

In February will be like this
Yacht Magazine Feb2015 in Chinese

An then in April

Yacht Magazine April2015

I would like to have the same opportunity to write about our adventure in my own country but, unfortunately, it seems that Portugal and it's magazines or newspapers don't see the value of our efforts promoting our culture and heritage around the world.

However, we publish weekly in Portuguese here in Macau.

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