Monday, March 23, 2015

I wish I could stay here forever!

The feeling I had after I spent sometime in Martinique, mostly in St. Anne, okay my sailing journey is done and I want to settle here! But then I look at my husband and, if we do that, I can't fulfill his dream of sailing around the world and we won't have the chance to cross the biggest ocean in the planet. Thus, I told him that when we finish our trip and I still don't change my mind with the island I wish to be which,we will move to Martinique!

Why Martinique? For me, of course good food is the most important! We can find fresh fish from the fisherman or any kind of food that I crave in the big French supermarket chains. Food is not a big deal here. When my belly is full I can notice that people here are quite satisfied with their life, they appear relax and with European manners and the city seems safe. One time I ride the dinghy to the dock alone, a man came to help me with the rope and, seeing me locking up my dinghy he asked “is it often that dinghies are stolen here?” I said I don't know but in other place yes! That made me look paranoid afraid that someone will steal my boat when I saw many locals let their cars unlock and the windows open.

After food and security, I love how green the island is. There are fields, cows, horses, sheep everywhere. Locals can cultivate their own vegetables, raise their cattle for meat and fruits as well as they have natural water sources. But... farmer girl is not my type! But here I can also indulge myself in the biggest shopping malls in the Caribbean with some famous labels. Martinique gives me the feeling of Europe during sunset and we have to drive home. I have the same feeling and scenery here.

It's easy access to the world as Martinique has a international airport. We can fly directly to Europe to visit our parents or any other place in the world. The veterinaries are everywhere which means we can have reasonable medical care system for our dog, Noel. If we live here, Maria Dee will join the school which will force her to know one more language, French. So she will be able to speak Thai, Portuguese, English and French. 

The problem is I have to improve my French. I'm sure that if I don't t speak French I can't have access to all the resources here. All seven years I spent majoring in French taught me that I need more practice, it not like in the books. Everyday I learn new words, revise my knowledge and, at the same time, it helps to remove the rust in my tongue!


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