Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rolling passage from St. Lucia to Martinique

We left St. Lucia not in the best weather conditions. We stayed seeing people come and go in St. Lucia for 6 months but when our time arrived, we get stuck in bad weather and we had to just go. Why? Because we stayed until the limit of the stay of our visa and also the time limit for the vessel be in the country without being imported. We clear out from St. Lucia on the last day of our visa and left!

We decided to sail to St. Anne in Martinique where most of the sailors came from St. Lucia. Most people told us that would take around 4-5 hours from Rodney Bay. We left St. Lucia around 1pm and we arrived the Diamond Rock in Martinique around 5pm. But since we did a mistake when leaving Rodney Bay and didn't head straight East before making headway to Martinique, we sailed on a single tack without any problem but our landing point was far North than what it should be to enter St Anne waters. From the area of the Diamond Rock to the low waters of St. Anne was an adventure of itself!From there to the St. Anne anchorage it took us until 7am in the next morning! Yes! All people we talked say it was unbelievable. During the passage, we got 2-3 meters waves and 20-25 knots wind with gusts, at times, reaching 39 knots but was not a problem, the boat behaved very well and went through the waves and wind like a charm. We did the usual passage in the time frame that other people did, however, our landing point was the reason of the late arrival. It took us more time from Diamond Rock to St. Anne, motoring, then from Rodney Bay to Martinique sailing!

Even we were exhausted from the waves banging and rolling, the smell of the fresh bread from the local “Boulangerie” and the shiny fine French desserts made us have a big smile and a full belly in no time!  


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