Friday, May 29, 2015

Caribbean first zoo visit!

When we moved aboard our sailing boat “Dee” our baby was just turn one year old. As we live on the water we have advantage of seeing the world, especially the sea up close. We realize that our little Maria Dee is enjoying the nature when she's pointing at the pelicans, turtles or the dolphins jumping around our floating house. But whenever we have the chance to visit land in any countries, we try to introduce our baby to new experiences as much as we can afford and the public transportation help us to go there. 

We had a chance to visit the Aquarium in Guadeloupe which claims that they are one of the best in France. For my experience, it's just a normal place with all the aqua animals we can see every day around our sailing boat! We swim with huge turtles, sail with dolphins, eat fresh fish, see live crabs all the time so visiting the same animals behind glass is nothing special for me. At least we try to offer our little girl visits to different places! 

We were in Martinique more than 3 months and the more I stay here, the more I fall in love with “Madanina” island. We went from St. Anne to Carbet to visit “Zoo de Martinique”. It's located in the North of the island. It's nearer from St. Pierre, not far from Fort-de-France and not impossible to go from St. Anne! The place where the zoo is located was a private estate in the past, and that is also now part of the zoo visit, making it even more interesting. We didn't know who was the owner or much more details of the place but during the walking visit there are signs to explain everything and enrich the experience.

We didn't expect much when we decided to visit the zoo. Our decision was more made based on the fact of being able to show our baby girl some land animals that she only knew from the books. And, what a surprise we had with her calling the monkeys (macaques) and the kangaroos and being disappointed with the big cats sleeping. We were also excited to see the capybara that they have but, for our surprise, the enclosure was empty.
As for the bird, apart from the parrots, she wasn't much interested.

Zoo de Martinique is a must to visit when you are in Martinique!
The price for adults is 15.50 Euros, kids under 3 years old don't pay, kids 3-12 years old is 9 Euros . Audio tours to rent cost 3 Euros each.
The address is Zoo de Martinique, Le Carbet, Anse Latouche
It's open daily from 9AM to 6PM

The entrance
Father and daughter sightseeing
Giving food to raccoons
Seeing the monkey
Now my turn!
Running on the swinging bridge
Exhibits in the zoo
Rhum production machinery
Exhibits in the zoo
Seeing macaques
Another small monkey
Flamingo garden
Bird enclosure


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