Monday, May 11, 2015

How much food we eat in one month!

Our Pacific crossing passage is approaching! We hope after the next hurricane season in the Caribbeans finish we will be able to make that ocean crossing. Meanwhile we are preparing our boat, necessary equipment, our health and our food stock.

Sure our boat fridge can't store fresh meat for one month! The maximum we were able do to have fresh meat was 2 weeks. Some the food can last for 3 weeks, after that we have to rely on can food or other sources to be able to survive on our sailing boat for more than one month.

I found that if I keep turning the chicken eggs every other day, they last for one month or more. I always buy green tomatoes, so I can have green tomatoes for salad while they are still green and when they turn red we can still eat them, making it last for almost one month. I purchase the pineapples a bit unripe so we can keep it up to 2 weeks. When I keep apples in the fridge, they last sometimes almost a month, and the same with oranges. The green vegetables when they turn bad, we try to eat the parts that still good removing the bad parts as soon as possible otherwise all of it will turn bad. For example, we use that strategy with lettuce, parsley or cabbages.

We don't have much problems to store vegetables but meat is another story! Our fridge can't frozen. The frozen food we purchase from the supermarket will last maximum 3-5 days in our freezer. It never makes ice but gives us a very cold beer! So we know that our problem is fresh meat for the long passage, beer we will have enough (but we don't drink alcohol while sailing)!

I tried to record for the first time what we ate last month to know more or less what I have to prepare for the Pacific crossing, which if we are lucky it might take 20-30 days, if not we may arrive in the Marquesas in 40 days or more...
My record is based on our family of 2 adults, one children and one dog.
Our dog, Noel, has no problem with food. Sometimes we give him our remaining food but 2 bags of 3 kgs. of dry food are enough for more than one month for him as he eats just one time per day. Our family doesn't eat beef so we ate more chicken, pork and some seafood.
In the last 3 months in all our Caribbeans passages we got no fish, so I can't rely on the “manna” from the sea.

Here are our top 10 items from the last month:
53 eggs
33 pork chops
23 bananas
23 carrots
22 potatoes
21 tomatoes
21 sausages
20 soft drinks (500ml)
18 packs of milk (1litre)
15 onions

Surprisingly we eat a lot of eggs, since most of our breakfasts are pancakes! There are more data on the food we consumed.
13 chicken breasts
13 shallots
12 oranges
12 chicken thighs
11 chicken wings
8 cucumbers
7 apples
4 pineapples
3 packs of butter (250ml)

We didn't count for 13 times we ate lunch outside and 5 times we had dinner nor drinking water nor refreshments. Until the end of the year, we will know precisely what we have to prepare for the Pacific crossing which will be our most challenging route so far.

Try it yourself to see how much food you eat and how much money you spend on food and you will change your attitude towards throwing food away.

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