Monday, November 16, 2015

Good choice for walking shoes

Despite all the setbacks in the absence of official and financial support in our journey, we have been blessed with the support with products from various companies. In due time we will talk about each of them and how they helped us and contributed to our trip. Whenever we think is right and the topic of the post is related to the product donated we will mention it as a form of showing our gratitude.
I want to start by talking about something that has already been addressed by the NaE in a previous post and that has to do with a promise that we had made for our daughter Maria. The fulfillment of that promise, and the visit to the family in Portugal before our big trip, was the reasons behind our trip to Europe. And was the reason we devoted much of our time to walk over 100 km.
Blisters after 100 km...
Simply using our feet, in my case wearing Timberland sneakers that were donated by Timberland Hong Kong, we traveled by feet walking in all kinds of terrain. NaE didn't wear hers because, at the time when they were brand new, they were tight. Today, she says, after some time wearing it, they are the best for walking! We faced many difficulties and at the end of each day's walk we were truly tired. Although some blisters and small cuts on the foot, all due to the effort that our feet had to face without any prior preparation, the Timberland shoes I wore contributed greatly to minimize those effects. If I had not used the Timberland sneakers certainly would have been much worse.
After many kilometers
At the end of each day, although naturally tired, the truth is that my legs and feet were not so sore.
The Timberland sneakers endured this enormous task without any problem and ended the adventure as if they were still new. Besides the apparent wear due to dust, the sneaker looked like new after more than 100 kilometers walking!
Up the mountain
Our thanks and our endorsement to Timberland Hong Kong which offered us two pairs of sneakers and some t-shirts to wear during our sailing trip, unfortunately the female sneakers were not used during this walk but are now being used and will be during our adventure because they are ideal for walks in uneven terrain.
The lady Timberland
The man's t-shirts are small and will be donated during our voyage to people in need. The women's t-shirts, according to NaE, are of very good quality and ideal for exercise since they don't let you feel the sweat too much, keeping you always dry.
Ideal t-shirt for exercise
For those who need and like sports shoes and clothes, it is worth investing in a Timberland sport wear!


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