Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Best of 2016

You never realize that the time passed fast until the new year arrives. Last year we have been in many events, places and incidents. Even though, was not the best year for us because we had to leave “Dee” on land but it was a great year that grants us very good experiences and memories. The photos here in this post may not cover all my feelings for the “Best of 2016”, or it may not show white sandy beaches like you expect because without good companions, the places have no meaning.

Celebrating 3rd Birthday of our daughter in Martinique, January 2016

Carnival in Martinique, January 2016

First time in three year living full-time onboard that I speak so much in Thai!
Thai cruiser ladies in Martinique, January 2016

First guests onboard from New Zealand, nice first charter experience in Guadeloupe, February 2016

Second time visit St. Maarten again, my favorite place, March 2016

Met experienced Portuguese sailors from S/Y Maiao in Guadeloupe, March 2016

First cousin visit in St. Thomas, USVI, April 2016

Met old friends from S/V Gentileza again who sailed with us for few months, St. Thomas, USVI, April 2016

Carnival with old friend from S/V Selah who we met last year in St. Lucia by just saying Hi in Thai!,
St. Thomas, USVI, April 2016

Her first fishing rod, St. Thomas, USVI, April 2016

Friends from Portugal visit in Guadeloupe, May 2016

We're still catching fishes, Passage from Guadeloupe to Bonaire, June 2016

 Swim in the crystal clear water, the most blue water I've ever seen in Bonaire, June 2016

Even being such a small island but I met Thai lady who lives with her Dutch partner in Bonaire, June 2016

Passage from Bonaire to Curacao, so much time wasting to take photos then we lost the fish!, June 2016
At least we have picture!!!

We are in the heart of Curacao!
I could not put all the photos of who we met but all of you are in our heart, June 2016

First time in our daughter's life going to the cinema watching "Finding Dory" in Curacao, June 2016

First time we sent our daughter to school, Curacao July 2016

Four boats watching final European Championship match in the Portuguese Restaurant in Curacao, July 2016

Our Best of 2016 paused in July because we had to leave “Dee” on land and we all moved back to Europe because of my health problem as many of you already know. I appreciate all the moments I had with my family, with old and new friends. We would like to thank you for all the helping hands that some of you offered, a lot of laugh and, of course, a lot of drinks that we had together. We look forward for 2018 to return to “Dee” and continue our sailing trip visiting incredible places with new experiences and new and old friends.


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