Saturday, July 15, 2017

The opening of “Dee” Thai food truck

Since our plan has changed from sailing the world to move on land because of my health problem, we couldn't just stop in the same place! When we arrived in Portugal after three years sailing in the Caribbean, we got a camping car. We traveled many Portugal's neighbor countries to avoid focusing all our energies on my sickness. That clever idea came out from my husband who is with me almost 24/7 during my treatment to fight Breast Cancer. Now my health condition is already stable, anyhow, I never though on it as being bad (!), so it's time to work to make some money and make our sailing life alive again. 
I always loved cooking since I was young and stayed right next to my mom who cooks very yummy food. Going to professional culinary school was one of my dreams but I never had that chance. Even during my internship I chose to apply in the hotel hoping that I could learn in the kitchen but, unfortunately, I ended up working in the F&B office. One of my jobs while I lived in Macau was working in a five star hotel, but again I never had the chance to develop my passion. When my husband came to me with the idea, let's sell Thai food. I loved it! I was so excited that I forgot all my weakness from being sick. No one expects I work and not many people notice that I'm sick. We started to look for the truck, creating the company, consulting the accountant, auction for the selling spot (in Portugal you need a permanent spot to sell food in a truck), installing equipment, painting and decorating the truck. We've done them all by ourselves and my strength was on making my own dream become a reality.

Even Thai food is well known internationally, it's very challenging to sell Thai food where no direct flight connect the two countries, Portugal and Thailand. We both agreed since in the beginning that we will try to replicate the authentic taste like what Thai people eat in Thailand. So either you like it or you don't! Most of the ingredients we used are imported, however, some we can find already in Portugal. Many foreigners have tried Green Curry, Pad Thai, Tom Yam Kung, Panang or Satay when they visited Thailand but we sell street food, food that is easily found in Thailand and people eat them everyday. After all Thailand is famous for street food and most tourists never tried it.

After choosing the options of our menu based on the available local fresh products and what was more suitable for Portuguese taste, we decided for Chicken with Ginger Rice or what we called in Thai Kao Man Kai, Thai Omelet with Jasmine Rice which is a simple Thai dish that is eaten by the all Thais almost everyday, and Grilled Chicken served with Coconut Rice and Thai Salad. We only adjust some freshly products that we could not find locally like “green papaya” replacing it with carrot but the key of sauce is the same. When you visit Thailand, Thai Iced Milk Tea is a must to try, it's also available on our menu together with Thai Iced Tea and Thai fruit juice “Sala”, drinks that Thai usually take in hot days. Thai beer and Thai whiskey buckets are our alcohol offers and also very common in any Thai bar.

As for the name of our Food Truck... Dee, it's because of our boat, which already called “Dee”, and our camping car also called “Dee” and, first of all, our daughter's second name: “Dee”. That's why our Thai Food Truck came out with the name “Dee” which means “Good” in Thai.
Come to try our food and say hi to us, the first Thai Food Truck in Portugal.



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