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With thousands of page views, thousands of unique visitors a month, offers advertisers a promotional platform to reach a diversified audience for a fraction of the price of normal advertising media.

Your ads will shown on pages (English, Portuguese or Thai) separately or in all of them at the same time, depending on your target group.
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Three sizes of advertising space available in three locations on the webpage:

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Page views/month: more than 6000
Unique visitors/month: more than 3000
Visits from search: 30%
Average length of visit: over 6 minutes
Visitors that stay for over 10 minutes: 12%
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A growing medium for your message
Since the start of the blog, in the July 2013, traffic is up 300%. And the trend is to keep growing.
Our Facebook fan page is growing everyday with more than 760 Likes (09/09/2013)! All blog posts have a link in Facebook which assures that most of that "likes" will came back to the blog to read it and will see the advertisers.

Unmatched value for your money
We have advertisement prices for every budget, from 50€ to 500€ per monthoffering more impressions than most of the magazines available for much less money. And, unlike a hard copy magazine, on your message will appear on all our pages (we have now more than 70 pages of original content and the number will be growing everyday).

They are buyers
Our visitors and readers are serious about sailing lifestyle, cruising, living aboard and  buying quality gear, equipment and high quality products to make their dreams a reality.

We are part of a Community
Read our comments and you will find that our readers are part of an experienced, committed to sailing and living aboard and cruising community, not the usual and meaningless noise of the typical internet forum.

Not Advertisers, Partners
The success of our sponsors it’s our first goal. We will do whatever we can, within the boundaries of truth and ethical behavior, to make you the brands of our partners successful.

Advertising positions
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All advertisements have to be static (no Flash, dynamic HTML or pop-ups).
All payments have to be done 3 months in advance before we publish the advertising. The time starts counting in the first day the advertising is available online. reserves the right to reject any advertiser without giving any justification.
All rates are quoted and payable in Euros. and its authors make no warranty of the products advertised.
All payments should to be done with PayPal or bank transfer.

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